July 21, 2011

Leslie Tested, Granny Approved

Want to know the easiest way to degrannify a skirt? Make it shorter! You may end up looking a little slutty, but at least no one's calling you a grandma.  Seriously, I just hemmed this skirt and narrowed the side seems a bit. I got enough going on in the hip area as is.

Ok, now to my story on why this qualifies as a granny entry: 5 women and 1 man (all 50+ yrs) complimented me on this skirt. I counted. I was pretty psyched that all these people kept saying "nice skirt!" until I realized the overall demographic. I wonder if stylists target more advanced ages for day-to-day wear. If so, I am applying yesterday.

It's Friday, so I'll leave you all with this thought provoking quote:
"It's the freakin' weekend and baby I'm about to have fun!" - R. Kelly
Ok, not so profound but I hope you all have fun too! 


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