September 14, 2011

Not Big on Drapes

I got this shirt for free. Remember, I showed you here
Don't worry, I forgot I had it too. There it sat, in my "to be refashioned..somehow" pile until now. 
'm not big on drapey necks; plus the silk was a little stiff and wouldn't drape nicely anyway. 
So, here's what I did:

I might have to add another pleat...
I want some gray wool cigarette pants to pair this with.
Hmm, gotta write that down on the "To Be Thrifted" list.


  1. I think one more pleat and it will look amazing. I have a pile that's growing longer by the minutes...mostly it's thing that need a new button or hem.

    I was just writing down my thrift list. Number one item is a trench coat. If I ever want to achieve Parisian chic a trench coat is a must.

  2. I love how such a simple change made the biggest difference!


  3. @Della

    Totally agree.. Don't forget the scarf. :)