December 6, 2012


The Trend

front seam textures

The Haute Project

 Yeah, this last picture obviously shows that the hidden peplum was a creative risk gone wrong. So I took it out and left it alone.

I found this shirt in the mens section for a $1. I've been noticing lots of textures in magazines so I decided to see what I could make from this. Considering its an XL, there was enough fabric to make a skirt or a shirt. And there is still lots of fabric left, since I used the sleeves to make the..umm..torso part--jeez, I get so technical by using sewing jargon, I hope I didn't lose any of you.   

All I did was take out the buttons, cut the shirt in half, sew up the front, take in the sides,take off the sleeves and use them for the..torso part and sew up the raw edges and I be done! 

Here's the piece I have left. I might add a black waist band and make a skirt. Let's see how hoochie it turns out. Or I could still make a peplum like the trend above.
Update: I wore this top already and did not like how this felt on. This has been now donated to charity in hopes that someone else will love it more than I did.

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