May 3, 2011

Project 5

As I looked through my posts to figure out which project # this is now, I realized that keeping count is a little lame. But then again, coming up with witty titles for each and every post is too much work.  I'll keep with the count for now. 

New project time!! 
As I'm typing this post, I noticed that the before has two frontal view pictures. That was supposed to be front and back, but since the back of the shirt looks exactly like the front, let's just pretend you're seeing both sides.

So, the intent was to make a skirt out of this shirt but when I noticed one of the seems I made was inside I out, that idea went out the window.

I was stuck for a bit, thinking this silk shirt would end up becoming scrap fabric, but check it out!

Obviously, my zipper sewing skills aren't the greatest. Nor are my color coordinating skills since the zipper totally stands out. 

But I'm happy with the results, are you? Any tips on how I could have made this better?


  1. amiga this shirt is cuuuuute!!! love it...

  2. lesliecstlnsJuly 26, 2011

    :) Thanks! This is just the beginning, i hope.