September 18, 2011


Two weeks ago, I went on a thrift spending spree and spent [about] 650 pennies!!
Ya'll know me; money is no object when it comes to good finds. 
I know, I'm such a show-off. 
Anyway, I decided to pair these two finds together...
These linen pants were on sale for 95 pennies and I got them 50% off.
This comes from a different store, so no sale but I've been searching for gingham.
I was drawn to this, which I think was probably some kind of a costume.

These pants, despite being my size, were exaggeratedly large. 
The waist fit perfect, but the pant legs, each, could be made into skirts. 
I took these in a few times before the fit was to my liking.
Plus, they were lined so taking in the lining was also a pain. 
These took up most of my sewing time, unfortunately.
I did have some time to fix this shirt however. 
I took off the lace but then reattached it at the front since the front slit was a little too big.

As you can see the pants are still really wide, but I like them.


  1. No, those pants are epic. Love the top, too!

  2. You're a whiz when it comes to whipping outfits up. I am impressed. I love fashion but am still learning the art of thrifting!

    Get Up & Go

  3. @Sarah Grecco
    You're too kind, Sarah. And it is an art! But your green lace dress was an awesome find! Besides, if you're under the tutelage of Shana (from Colorblind), I'm guessing you're already a pro and don't even know it.