September 21, 2011

Black n' Blue

I'm (so not) ready for work!

I got to fit in a project earlier than anticipated this week! Check back tomorrow.

Normally, I only have time Wednesdays and weekends because
I try to fit it some gym time throughout the week.
Any readers Zumba?
Spinning & Zumba are the two workout routines I normally do.
I have to say, it kicks my butt every time.
Check this video out.
The girl in the white pants truly gives you a run (or workout) for your money.

I'm pondering on the idea of taking the instructor training course.
Me, a Zumba instructor? Hmm...
I'll have a bowl of M&M's sitting by the door.
Kidding!! I'll have Jelly Beans...they're fat free. ;)

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