October 19, 2011

Purple Bag

Here's another 50-cent skirt I purchased during my 50-cent skirt binge.  
Love the color and love that it's 100% silk; but it was too big.
I didn't want to change much about it, so took the panels apart and took in the rear panel a pinch on both sides and then added pleats on the front panel for a paper bag skirt.
Then put both panels back together and voila!
The length was a too long for me so I cut off a few inches at the bottom, re-hemmed and used the excess to create belt loops and a belt.

I would show you all my shoes, but... I've failed the challenge and repeated a pair. 
In my defense, I had lots of walking to do today due to meetings and stuff at work.
So I wore flats and being that I don't own as many flats as heels, I resorted to a pair you all have already seen.
Forgive me co-challenge participants.
It was either flats or tennis shoes; and we can't be havin' that!


  1. The skirt looks utterly hot.
    I just hopped onto your blog and I was hooked onto it. Read almost 15-20 posts and boy I love what you do with those thrifted things. I sometimes wish I knew ow to sew, maybe I will someday :)
    I loveeee your blog now.


    Do visit back if you have time :)

  2. Hi, I found your blog on the Cotton and Curls refashion nation and I love it!
    Hope your having a good day =)

  3. You're amazing! I love that skirt! randomly found you're blog and I love it!


  4. Hey there! Just happened upon your blog. It's super cute, and I'm your newest follower. If you ever want to trade buttons or any of that blog stuff that would be awesome! I'm pretty new to the blogging world so feel free to check mine out!