December 30, 2011


Like I mentioned, my clothes are shrinking. 
I have only myself to blame...obviously for not knowing how to use a dryer properly.

At this point, any pants/shorts with a button or zipper fly are my nemesis. I've managed to use the rubber band trick but I'm afraid that rubber band will snap...
and that's gonna hurt so I decided to make some preggie pants from a pair of black pants that would have otherwise been donated in hopeless abandonment.  

Rather than buying elastic, which in a size that wide is rather expensive, I thrifted a turtleneck
made of 98% spandex; $1!!!  
You can use a stretchy camisole or any other stretchy fabric that will hold your pants up.

I got ahead of my phone-cam and cut the zipper off, as you can see. 
 They fit!
And... now there's proof my butt and hips are competing with the bump.


  1. Woah, I just saw your bump announcement...congratulations! So excited for you. My sister just had a baby boy and I am in love with him. :)

  2. Cool idea! Wish you were around when my baby factory was open, sure could have saved me some money!