June 15, 2012


So let's get re-started, hmm? This kind of feels like starting over and in a way I am.
It's like all the reading material and people say: your body does change after pregnancy. I'm of the lucky ones where it hasn't changed drastically so most of my clothes still fit. (Yay!) As for those pieces that don't fit, I have an excuse to replace those items with new ones (double Yay!)

Here's something I finished today.
I was a little late and absent minded to take before pictures but this blouse had long sleeves that kind of looked like this..
And used the wrist cuff to give the sleevelessness (that's a Haute Thrift technical term) a military tone.

Lastly, I replaced the granny buttons with those you see on the shirt.

I have a confession to make: I'm a button hoarder.
Sometimes, before I donate an item I no longer want I cut of all the buttons and put them in a container along with all the other orphaned buttons I tear away from their home. And who knows, I may use them all one day, but until then I do get lucky and find that I've stowed buttons--with the right quantity to replace others.