July 11, 2012

Golden Girl

Found this for $5, but it was 3 sizes too big. So what do you do with a shirt that's too big? 

Sew in the sides to make the shirt fitted.

After a few tries of taking the sides in, grab a small piece of elastic and insert into the hole like so...

Sew elastic in place at one end.  I preferred to sew it twice in case the first time was too close to the elastics end and it unravels during a wash.

Sew the bottom in place and now you have a side-gathered top.

I didn't do a thing to alter the area around the shoulders since I wanted it to drape over the shoulders.


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    1. Thank you! Still get your feed and I'm just getting back into stalking via Google reader. Weren't you a brunette? Wait, just clicked on an old post.. Love the blonde!