August 30, 2012

Haute Oversized Shirt

One thing I've learned from thrifting is that you should overlook size. Unless, its too small then maybe you should pass it by. 
I found this 2XL shirt for $2.
Besides doing the obvious of taking it in to fit, I decided to leave it as is. 
Notice the big sleeves...
...and the crazy shoulder pads. Seriously, who wears shirts with shoulder pads?? 
Obviously some old ladies still do, because then I wouldn't find so many tops with them attached.
I wonder..if I had saved all the shoulder pads I've taken out since I started this blog, what could I make with them?
..a pillow? 
...that's how many I've taken out.

This is all you have to do: take in the sleeve at an angle. Then you've got that bat-wing look. 
I kept all else as is and intend on tying the front. 
Tie-front shirts are everywhere right now, but I think its kind of stupid that the shirts  are cut with those two pieces hanging in the front so you always have to tie them.
What if you don't want to tie it? ...not the business. 
Atleast I can adjust the knot in front to accommodate for some butt-coverage in the back; or some gut-coverage in the front.


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