August 26, 2012

That's Me

 I bought this dress for $2. It seems like everything I buy is $2 or less lately; I'm stuck up that way...
If it's more than that, then I'm too good for it.

That's me; a $2 snob. 

 I'm a little late on the maxi dress thing. Summer has reached its peak and I'm just 
barely getting in on the trend. 

That's me; fashionably late. 
This dress was a little too boxy and obviously a few sizes too big.
Along with the fact that it was literally falling apart at the seams, I still knew I could save it.

That's me; a hero.

So I took off the collar. Took it in a bit for a better fit and sewed up the front to get rid of the button detail. I tried to gather the top so the front seam didn't look so awkward.

 A here it is, in all it's glory; my haute maxi dress.


 Those were just last minute pics before I walked out the door. Should have snapped shots without the jacket. 

But that's me; super lazy. 

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