August 16, 2012

Onesie to Twosie

After a certain age, you start looking at your closet with a
different set of eyes. You start looking at your stuff and asking yourelf: 
is this too young, short, tacky for me now? 
(because we all know we have those "what was I thinking?" pieces that we keep anyway because we may have another lapse of judgement and wear it again. And for me, that's comes often).

As much as I'd like to convince myself that I can still pull these things off, I know
in the back of my head it's become inappropriate 
and appears like I'm trying too hard. 

Ok, I know I try too hard, but I don't want to give off that appearance...

 For example, this jumper is just too short. 

I still like the top though...
I might take off the belt loops, if it doesn't look good.
I haven't worn it out yet but, I swear, I feel like Mr. Miyagi with this on. 
I don't know why it feels like part of Karate Gi, but I'm digging it and sooooooo going to find that Japanese flag headband to finish the outfit. 

Ummm... anyone else noticing an Asian theme in my life? 

 Didn't think so.


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