August 13, 2012

Post-Partum Peplum

I bought this from Forever 21 earlier this year because of its shape. It's a perfect maternity top and I figured I'd belt it up later and still get some mileage out of it. Well I tried the top on again and tried the belt thing, but why do I still look preggers??
So over it, I'm fixing this baby.
But I have a theory, folks: Maternity clothes make you look pregnant. 
Yeah, I understand some women want to show off the bump as soon as they get the positive sign on their e.p.t. test, but I have a hard time embracing life changing events. 
So I purchased regular clothes, but one to two sizes bigger and I was lucky enough to pull that off then entire time. 
Those days are now gone--and some of you may resent what I'm going to say--but I don't miss them at all. I'm glad to look like 'me' again.

I might have to go back and take in the sides a bit more. The armholes look a bit wide. 
Anyway, thanks for reading!


  1. Very cute!! I think you're right - take in the armholes, and it will be PERFECT!

  2. Fantastic and inspiring. Thanks!