September 27, 2012

Bicycle Chain Necklace

The Trend
chain necklace

My Version...

So I think this is a bicycle chain; I'm not sure. But I found it one random visit to my new favorite Thrift Store.  Neither I nor the cashier knew what this really was. We guessed a bicycle chain. 
But little did she know this bicycle chain possessed a new life; one that I would resurrect in the form of this fancy necklace & bracelet combo.

The creativity bug just wouldn't bite at first. I needed a clasp and my initial thought was to buy a small lock. But in fear of looking like flavor flav, I used some hair ties. The cool thing, I can change the hair tie to any color I want and the tie itself provides some stretch to help put it on.

I wore it out the other night and no one was the wiser.
And if anyone needed a bicycle chain, I knew I could save the day. :)
See. Always a hero.

1 comment:

  1. What you have is called a curb chain, or rather those types of links are called curb links. a bicycle chain is that weird but cool looking chain in the gear assembly of (wait for it) bicycles not the chain you use to look the bike up.
    Regardless of the name, the jewelry looks very good. I like the combination of the blue hair tie with the silver.