September 12, 2012

Not Just Any Hoodie

This, my friends, is a brand spanking new Sprockets hoodie that I thrifted for $1.20!!
I was actually at Sears the other day picking up Benji's portraits when I stopped in thinking I'd find a good deal. Can you believe a baby hoodie was $20?! 
Nuh-uh! The baby chick in me refused to fork over the money (can we say: "cheap - cheap!"). 
Thank goodness I didn't; I found something similar for pennies.

..but I wasn't diggin the SPKT logo thing.

So I took them off and added Benji's initials (sans the middle one)
It's too hot for sweaters but by the time it gets cold, it'll fit.
If any Luv's diapers reps read this blog, I want to say that I LOVE LUVs diapers...
will you send me a free supply?

1 comment:

  1. I love that idea! I'm not too keen on my kids being walking (or crawling) billboards, but ripping off logos often leaves a hot mess. Putting on something personalized is cute - and something *I* could actually pull off! :)