October 30, 2012

Thrift of the Week (TOTW)

Hey buds!

I've been having thrifting/sewing/sanity withdrawals. Who knew babies required your time whether awake or asleep? How selfish... 

Anywho, all of you know what a thriftaholic I am so I had to get my fix. And here's what I scored this week..

 Did I or did I not score big with those Tory Burch peep-toe wedges? There's isn't even a scratch on them!  They'll go great with my awesome vintage dress (sans the belt, of course). So that was a $20 well spent. 

But that's not all. I also went to donate some unwanted stuff at my local Salvation Army and lucky me, donations are rewarded with 10% off coupons AND it was 40% off everything. 
Yippee! Here's what I scored:
 This picture does not do the color justice. It's a bright red/orange vintage red leather tote ($8). It was a bit pricey for me but it's not every day that you find a vintage leather bag that can be used as a diaper bag. I'm sooo trying to avoid buying a diaper bag. I might as well buy a mini van. 

Let's not forget this...
 Diggin the ikat. This was $4.

So, not bad for this week... or month. Who knows when I'm on the hunt again.
What have you thrifted lately?


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