November 12, 2012

Oxblood, Wine, Burgundy.. Same Dif.. I Failed

The Trend


oxblood by hautethrift featuring short sleeve tops

The Haute Project

I got this top/dress things for $1 and if you keep scrolling you will understand why...
 Seriously, this thing was hacked up! But I liked the color and wanted to make a sheer peplum from it but I failed... keep scrolling.

 I cut this thing in half and fixed the stitches. 
 Took the bottom half an folded together. I had the cool idea of making a bubble peplum, if that makes sense.

But I failed. I tried it on and it looks like I'm wearing a matching waist apron. So if I ever want to impress any guests when I'm hosting dinner, I will pull this baby out. But I won't further embarrass myself by posting a picture. 




  1. Thanks for sharing your fail! I wish more people would share them. I feel like everyone tries to be too perfect online. We are all human and we all make mistakes! Loved where you were going with this and I hope you don't give up entirely!

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