November 15, 2012

It's All Unraveling

The Inspiration

The Project
I wanted a striped chunky sweater for the season, just like the one above but without the smiley face.
I don't do smiley face. I do poker face.
I got this sweater for $4.
 Before you go taking your turtleneck sweaters apart, make sure that there's a stitch connecting the turtleneck to the sweater. Otherwise, you'll be cutting into knit work that will eventually make the whole sweater fall apart.
 Isaac Mizrahi for Target. Betcha it was more than $4.
 Once you find the stitch make one small nip at the yarn and undo the stitch manually from there on out. The neck part should fall right off.
 I got happy pulling yarn. Is this any indication that I'm a cat person? 'Cause I'm not. WOOF! Anyway, I ended up pulling far too much.
 I kept pulling until I had enough yarn to sew the hole up. The good thing about knitwear is that the yarn gives enough allowance to sew;  not re-knit.

 And I'm done.

 Look anything like the inspiration picture above?

 So....what to do with the neck?
 I unraveled the yarn and sewed the loops together. Pulled on the string to gather the ends and...

 I've got me a beanie. That completes the entire look from the initial picture above. My first thought was to make a baby beanie but this thing fits me! So I'm keeping it. Sorry Benji.

I'm sure Mr. Mizrahi would be okay with this minor transformation. 
For $4, I don't think I did too bad.

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  1. fantastic idea to make the hat from the turtleneck! :) lisa