August 24, 2011

Devil in a Blue Dress

I found this blue dress months ago, but didn't know what to do with it. 
Take it apart and make a skirt? Keep it a dress? 
As you can see, the options were endless (2, in my book, counts as endless).  
I decided to keep it a dress and open up the back a bit more. Also added a little zebra print lining and a strap across the back to make sure no Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunctions occur. 

I love you Janet Jackson, but your flashing stunts don't influence me.
Not anymore, at least...
So, what have you done for me lately??
(My conversations with Ms. Jackson are so one sided; I hate it.)

Dress - Thrifted; Shoes - AMIClubwear; Accessories - Microsoft Paint (get yours today!)


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