August 26, 2011

Tailor Made

Will you all believe it when I tell you that I bought these pants for 50-cents?
That, in my world, means 'free'.
Anyway, they were a size too big, so I took them in from everywhere and tapered the legs. The cuffs aren't permanent. I just thought I was cool enough to pull them off.

Note to self: Cuffs = Insta-Cool.

So, it's Friday and I guess it's time to talk about my spending craze budget. I think I'm going to tally up the receipts monthly and share once a month. I'm not sure how that will work out since I've lost some receipts but in my world, losing receipts is like not spending at all.. because there's no proof!
Seriously, I spent over $60 this month. Can you guys see the how guilty and horrible I feel in these pictures? No?
Hmm... If your outfit was $1.50 (less shoes), I'm sure some of that guilt would melt away. A buck-fiddy, guys. I spend more $ on a cup of coffee.

Clothes -Thrifted; Shoes - AMI Clubwear


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