September 1, 2011

Two for One

Wednesdays and weekends are probably my most productive sewing days but this past weekend I scored a few things for the change ($3) I was carrying in my purse! Anyway, that project has taken me since Saturday --and I'm still not done-- to finish. Check back next week for that.

Here's one that will be close to my heart.. Do any you remember those friendship necklaces?
Well, I found this dress...

And I figured this would be a cool BFF thing with my bestest friend since I can remember: 
my Mom!

She loves all things crocheted and embroidered so I knew making this dress into two tops would be a cool way to kick off the mother-daughter matching outfit trend.
Wha? It's not a trend?? Well, it should be.

I just cut through the middle and hemmed the ends. Then flipped the bottom piece upside down and sewed the ends together. You can't tell in the before picture but there were two side slits; I used those as armholes.

I wanted to gather them both at the waist, but I know my mom isn't big on that stuff, so I kept it simple. And there you have it; friendship tops. 
It's the newest thing... friendship bracelets were sooo 2 minutes ago.

I'd show you a picture of her wearing it, but she's shy--
like me.

It's September. New budget month!
I found a rockin' new thrift store that practically gives stuff away.They have sales every 2 weeks and whaddaya know, the sale just happens to be on my payday!
Sweet jebus, I don't think any good will come of this discovery.
I'm only taking $10 cash. Let's see how this goes.


  1. Great job on the remake! A new thrift store is a great find indeed. By me I really on have time to go to GW but I time it for their every other week 50% sale. Sometimes if I'm really bored I stop in even though it isn't sale day......What the heck keeps me out of retail stores and I'm sure I'm happier for that!

  2. Oh, I absolutely love how that top turned out. So glad you linked up!