September 3, 2011

Haggling Pro

I mentioned that I spent $3 last weekend and I bought a few things; including this sequin top. I had never done a yard sale before but this gem was sparkling as I drove by. So, I pulled over and picked it up and asked the woman "how much?"
So I picked up a skirt which had refashion potential and offered her $2 for both.
"Noooo, NO. That shirt is a party top and was really expensive."
I just stared at her until she caved. I didn't even have to negotiate! 
Score! But I noticed the top was made of wool and was soooo moth-eaten, 
I'm surprised the sequins were still hanging on. 

You can see the condition this top was in; mucho need of TLC.
So I cut off the fringe beading at the bottom, sewed up all the holes
and sewed all the dangling bead work down. 
This took me a whole dang week to finish!
But check out the result. 

Best $1 I spent.

Anyway, I thought I'd drive around and test my new-found haggling skills elsewhere. 
What do you know; I also bought a necklace and a pair of pants for $1.
They're in the refashion backlog. 

Have a spectacular Labor Day!
Be back Tuesday.

Skirt - F21; Shoes - Aldo


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