September 7, 2011

Leather Skirt

I bought this skirt after I made my Fall Must-Have list, it looks more like this one than the one shown on the picture and it's sooo soft. A nice leather skirt is gonna cost you. It cost me $7.  
Big spender over here!!
Another thing I like to wear in the winter is velvet, I'm not sure why. But this is snake print! I couldn't let go of it. If it were only 1,000 degrees cooler, I'd be wearing it now. 
And I'd be posing everywhere, like this:

I wish I could wear this skirt to work. Oor can I? Hmm...propbably not. 
But if I could I'd wear it every week.Once a week so people don't know I'm a laundrophobe.
I'm not sure if this word actually exists, but it now means 'fear of doing laundry'.

I guess this week's gonna be about showing you all that thrifting clothes similar to today's top designer trends --like those I picked-- is a piece of pecan pie (I love pecan pie).

Outfit - Thrifted ($9!!!); Shoes - Aldo


  1. Gah, so jealous! I've been searching thrift stores for a leather skirt but only ever find them in teeny sizes. I'll keep looking though...yours is a gem.

    Love pecan pie. That and cherry pie = happy tummy

  2. Gorgeous skirt! Why not throw some tights under, and a modest top..bam work appropriate.

    (Unless you work somewhere with a very strict dress code..then ignore the above haha)


  3. Lovely skirt and top. Lucky you finding it so inexpensively.

  4. I definitely think you could wear it to work! What a bargain! Thanks for linking up!

  5. That is such a sexy skirt and sure with a white blouse- perfect for work!

  6. I would wear it to work, most definitely. That's super cute. LOVE your shoes. I've been searching for some like that in black and also nude, but can never ever find any which I think is unbelievable, lol.
    Excellent finds!