September 11, 2011

The Dress

This dress was on sale for $0.95..yeah! It's got a snake print feel to it and despite it being polyester, it feels soft and slinky.
I thought about making this dress but kind of liked the length.
So, I decided to do my own version of the snake print dress.
Now, I'm not a big maxi dress girl. One, I think I'm too short for them and second I think they look so much better on pregnant women; not sure why.
But, I caved on this one and I'm trying on a long dress for the 1st time in years. 

I cut at the waist and lined the top with a thick black cotton fabric which was probably a mistake, because the top no longer stretches.'s super tight for 'the girls'.

And I also made a cut out in the back.
I wasn't too sure I could pull this off so this is how I styled it. 

So I got 6 similar things from this post.
You've seen the leather skirt, the plaid skirt, the lace top, this but I haven't shown you the bell bottoms or the beige trousers.
I gave up on the shoes so all I need is decent red skirt and I think I'm all set!
Yeah, right. I'll find something else to covet; and real soon.

NOTE: I have put on long dresses in the last few years, just never worn them out. 
This dress still awaits to be worn outside of my home.

Blazer - Nine & Co.; Shoes - AMIClubwear


  1. It looks amazing!That cut out is super. I love thrift stores that mark things down super low.

  2. I love it!! Looks so chic and sexy!!

  3. @Della

    Right! I was super excited to find this. And for a $1? That's beyond low; my kind of price. :)

  4. More than amazing. I especially love the cutout in the back! You have major skills girl!