September 22, 2011

Paper Bag Lunch

I got this skirt when I bought the sequin top. Doesn't it look like a brown paper bag? 
I don't know much about brown sack lunches. 
Throughout Elementary & Jr. High, my lunches were provided by my school. 

Oh, the delight of being served a hot lunch every day.  

Every year, we'd get a 'lunch ticket' which we had to turn in daily to the 
'lunch lady' in order to get fed. 
No ticket, no lunch.
Pizza on Fridays and Salisbury steak on I-dunno-what day.. 
"You betta have your ticket!" the crazy lunch lady would say. 
Cora, the crazy lunch lady. Whose hair was soo long it reached here ankles. 
The same lady who picked on me because I was a shy kid. 
I wonder if she's dead now. 
Yikes, that's mean.

..oh well.
Belt - F21; Tank - No Doubt Concert (Luv me some No Doubt!)

1 comment:

  1. We did the whole ticket lunch thing at my elementary school too! And yes, if you didn't have your ticket, no lunch for you. We got the free lunch at school because we didn't have a lot of money growing up. Actually, I STILL don't but my job pays enough for me to have the necessities and I can even afford some vanity purchases once in a while. That's good enough for me.

    Oh, and you did an amazing job with that skirt! It went from not-so-great-but-it-has-potential to super cute.