August 5, 2012

Tank To-Do's

I bought this oversized tank a while back and fit perfect throughout my pregnancy. Now, I'm trying to get rid of or refashion anything that even remotely makes me look preggers.
I could merely have taken in the sides enough to make it fit now, but that would be no fun. So I decided to challenge myself with baby clothes.

This is my workspace at 1am. Since I can't sleep. Typically, I put Benji down for bed, but wait a while before I lay down because he often wakes up after half-hour. So, I grab all the things I want to do, throw them in a basket and lay it all out in front of me while the TV and laptop serve as lighting.
First project: a baby beanie. I used one I had to figure out the size.

and second: pants! Benji's got lots of onesies and pajamas but only one pair of lounge pants. I used the bottom of the tank as the hem for both the beanie and the pants. Hey, it saves some time sewing.

add a little elastic to make a waistband, and....

there you have it! If you use a piece of clothing as a pattern template, you're probably cutting right around the article which already leaves seam allowance.
As for the beanie, I wanted to add a little something so I sewed some strips together to make a poof. The result looks a little blah, but I hope the pieces curl up after a wash.

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  1. I love all of these wonderful ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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